Monday, February 17, 2014

How to Clear Clogged HP Ink Cartridges

When a printer isn’t used often, sometimes the ink dries up inside the cartridge and this results in it not working properly. Using the print cleaning option under utility can often times work in cleaning the cartridge, but at times, it doesn’t always do the trick. After trying five or six times to clean it that way, you’ll need to do it manually. Fortunately, this is an inexpensive process that requires rubbing alcohol and water.

The first step is to take hot water and submerge the cartridge. Allow it to sit for a little while so that the water can go in and break up any of the ink. Once this has finished, allow it to dry over night and then put the cartridge into the printer. Use the self clean feature on the printer again. If this works, the cartridge has been unclogged and you can go about your business.

Unfortunately, if it doesn’t work, you’ll have to try rubbing alcohol. Submerge the cartridge in rubbing alcohol and allow it to sit overnight. Remove it and dry it down caully. The thing to note about rubbing alcohol is that it evaporates very quickly, so once removed from the container, it’ll be dry within ten minutes. Pat it down with paper towel to get any remaining drops of alcohol.

Place it into the printer and try the self cleaning again. Most of the time, the hot water and then the alcohol will be enough to break up the ink. Once the ink has been broken up, the self cleaning feature will be able to handle the remaining cleaning. However, if this doesn’t work, chances are, the cartridge is completely clogged and you’ll have to purchase a new one.

The best way to ensure that the ink cartridges don’t get clogged in the future is to print something–both in black and color–at least once a week. This way, the ink is being used and doesn’t just sit in the cartridge building up. And, it doesn’t hurt to do the self cleaning utility once every couple of weeks to ensure that there are no blockages. If there are, repeat the above steps.

Sunday, February 16, 2014

How to Refill an HP Inkjet Cartridge

The most expensive part of buying an inkjetcartridge is the actual cartridge. The ink is much cheaper and theore, buying illing your old cartridges rather than buying new ones, you are able to save money that can be used on other things. The only problem with illing cartridges is that there are so many different types that HP creates, so the plan of attack might vary. For the most part, though, it is the same across the board.

Refilling the Cartridge
Before you begin to ill the cartridge, make sure that the space you are working on is not a cherished space. Ink stains and theore, if you spill, it will ruin furniture. To prevent against this, lay out old rags. The rag will soak up the ink before it gets to the furniture.

Once you have your ink replacement and youve got the individual cartridges, you can get to work. The first step is to locate the hole in which the ink will be placed in. This is usually on the top or the bottom of the cartridge. Look for a plastic film because this is typically where the hole is.Refill an HP Inkjet Cartridge
Using a small, non-medical syringe, insert the ink into the cartridge. For black ink, it is best to use around 20 milliliters. For color, use about 10 milliliters for each chamber. Before going from color to color, be sure to clean out the syringe as much as possible to ensure that the colors dont mix and create an ugly color that isnt desired for printing.
Squeeze the sides of the cartridge and try to get a few drops of the ink to drop from the print head. This way, you know that the ink has reached the bottom of the cartridge. Then, allow it to stand with the print head down for a few moments. What you are doing here is getting rid of any excess ink and allowing the pressure to equalize within the cartridge. Once youve done this, put the cartridge back into the printer and do a test print. If the print looks good, youve done a successful ill.

Monday, December 2, 2013

Pixma ip1000 waste ink counter reset

1 .- Disarmament printer (iP1000) to the last nut and electrical parts not put them in a bucket and water detergenete one day, the clean electrical parts with a brush and compressed air (only the panel and the part where they are I think this is the hoses counter sheets).

2 .- Assemble everything and ready, m Segia giving error that estava refill the tub.

3 .- I found this forum I found it excellently well, and found his valuable help, for hise ready to reset the manual steps and I think it worked, and then I saw that there is a program I use which is of the iP1500, has good This boy, when you give in MAIN section to reset the counter TITN, the program hangs and does not give more or give notice of anything only comes GeneralTol for T3164 Ver1.18 (Not Responding) and I close it and go but if I send a sheet to provide if I am out = that the ink is full depisito thing about this two questions:

1 .- reset the program is not compatible with XPSP2 Widnows?
2 .- The printer will want to go to give it away xD (just kidding ruled this question)

leei good step below to reset iP1000 infallible, as I did, and the power button flashes but not as before now turned on and off completely, I guess its a good sign, as it used to be a very dim flicker but Linux newbie , because the program is opened again to reset e = in the time I wrote this post sige locked the program, and now gave him close and not send errors.

and provide you with this:
1 .- disable Avast! antivirus
2 .- off anything that is USB connected to this pc estubiera

Sunday, December 1, 2013

Epson Stylus Photo TX650 Resetter

Epson Stylus Photo TX650 ResetterBefore using the Software Resetter Epson Stylus Photo TX650, make sure:

a. Epson Stylus Photo Printer Drivers TX650 is installed first, and make sure the printer is connect to the computer
b. Make sure you have the "Software Resetter Printer Epson Stylus Photo TX650"
c. Make sure that the damages requested in the printer reset counter (usually a red flame of the lamp on the printer all)
Here is a tutorial resetter Epson Stylus Photo TX650:
One. Prepare Adjustment Epson Stylus Photo Software TX650 on your computer

2. If the software is compressed, first extract the software resetter Epson Stylus Photo TX650
3. Turn on the Printer
4. Open the folder resetter Epson Stylus Photo TX650 Adjprog.exe you and run the file.
5. Click Particular adjustment mode menu entry to reset the counter printeradjustment Epson tx650
6. Find and click on Waste ink pad counter menu, then click OK
7. Put a Check on main pad counters, Platen pad counters, and counters of 80 culmu Pad. Then click on Check to see third-counter value at the time of blinking, and click OK to continue

Click initialization to change / reset the printer counter becomes zero, so the printer to be normal again. Then click OK to continue
8. Click Finish to end the process of resetting counters TX650 Epson Stylus Photo
9. Click Previous to return to main menu
10. Click Quit to exit the program counter reset TX650 Epson Stylus Photo
11. Waste ink counter reset TX650 Epson Stylus Photove done, turn off the printer for a while, and then restart the printer, and wait until the printer calibration is completed


CANON PIXMA XNU i255Canons latest printer output is a series XNU i255. Desainya trendy and compact (width less than a computer keyboard) reminds the previous printer models, Canon XNU i320.

Material coated with titanium white and gray accents line, looks sturdy and elegant appearance. In addition, bubble jet printers that offer competitive prices are very efficient because it can be placed in the narrow room.

Canon XNU i255 in its class to offer the highest resolution of 4800 x 1200 dpi with 5 pl ink droplets that have the ability to print the image detail is perfect. Printing process was very fast. Prints can be enjoyed only a short time, ie 12 ppm for monochrome and 9 ppm for color.

While for printing an image size of 8 x 10, XNU i255 took only 100 seconds. This capability is possible thanks to technology developed MicroFine droplet to produce a perfect image printing, precision and a solid color.

XNU i255 excellence is not limited to full color documents, but monochrome documents. With a grain of ink is very smooth and solid as well as the ability of the pigment black ink, will be produced sharp text in monochrome document.

Photo print quality is also no doubt youll get the prints with better color contrast is perfect. Easy-PhotoPrint Technology Exif Print support will provide professional photo prints. Just pick the image, the paper type and size, then print directly. Meanwhile, Vivid technology maximizes color photos so photos look more vivid.

This printer is able to maximize the ability to improve the color reproduction of colors including green and bright blue so the color photographs will be as beautiful as the original. Natural image is produced with the aid of Photo Noise Reduction mode, which will eliminate the noise so that image is more smooth and clear.
One thing that makes XNU i255 is the existence of the special features of Easy WebPrint. With this feature, print web pages easier. No need to lose some important information that you want to print from these web pages.

It feels, words are not enough describe the benefits of this printer, its better if you prove it directly. You will never miscast, because XNU i255 suitable for users who use Windows or Macintosh operating systems.